You decide

You decide

The 80 something senior timidly strolled into our optical office…”can you you give me stronger reading glasses” she moaned.” My ophthalmologist is treating me for AMD with these glasses and, ARED Vision supplements. My reply “are those reading glasses recently made…”yes she said but I need to see todays small letters-larger.

Do you like this plant I”m watering I said to her…” Will it flower in the winter”…”yes it already has.” AMD robs us of our central vision; sparring peripheral vision (one reason why older golfers quit the game when their puting suffers).

These recent readers are +3.50…”can you give me +4:00?” Let’s test you with +4:00 then. Thank you dear. “Are you seeing better with these +4:00’s?”.. NO, I’m so distraught!
May I ask you about your Sunglasses. Did your eye specialist see these. Yes he said wear them on sunny days. Did the doctor suggest that-dark-grey-color…no, I picked them.

In conclusion, this 80 something sweetheart will be denied better vision at near. Her dark sunglasses will dilate her pupils allowing in more UV/UVB. Her doctor is making money from the ARED supplements and not recommending a better UVB sunglass. Do you know someone like this?

Did this lady come into our office out of frustration or desperation; or, some other superlative…you decide.

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