Protecting Your Vision

Protecting Your Vision

Which category are you in?

75% of you are concerned about SUN protection… but only 31% ‘WEAR’ Sunglasses when you go outside

The 31 Percentile… WHO are you

73% ‘wear’ Sunglasses while Driving… only 44.8% at the Beach
49% ‘wear’ them while walking Outside
24% ‘wear’ them while going Yard work
17% ‘wear’ protection while on a Boat
14% watching sporting event
6% ‘wear’ them Playing a Sport


Parents (56%) wear Sunglasses more than the Children (29%)


28% say “I don’t have them with me”
26% …I forgot to put them on
17% …I’m not outside long enough to wear them
16% …The Sun doesn’t bother my Eyes
13% …I can’t find my Sunglasses when I need them

American Medical Association

Today’s Vision Loss is the present #1 Health expenditure in the US, more than Diabetes, Heart disease and Cancer combined. With the new Electronic age… IPhones, Laptops, Computers and Video games and… ‘artificial UVB blue-light’ radiation; Vision Loss will prevail for years to come.

All the major Eyeglass Manufacturers (Nikon, Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya) now provide special electronic UVB ‘blue-light’ coatings on their Lences.

UVB outdoors is the real threat, not… UV. UV protection for the Skin is commonplace… for the Sunglass protection, few choices.

If the above numbers are any indication of Vision Loss; then we are in dire need of… educating ourselves and changing our lifestyle.

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