UVB Radiation

UVB Radiation

The WHO (World Health Organization) state 23% of the population from age 43-64 will develop *AMD; 56% of the population from age 65-84. AMD will triple over the next 25 years. It is the first cause of blindness in the World.
* Age Related Macular Degeneration

Johns Hopkins found Women are 60% more prone to Vision Loss than Men; Ethnics more than caucasians. See why?

Why These Statistics

Todays UVB Radiation, not UV is not filtered out by the Eye’s natural defence filters (Crystalline Lens, Aqueous and Vitreous). This UVB ‘blue light’ passes directly into the Retina and it’s toxicity leads to retinal cell death and early Cataracts.
Dogs and humans experience the same fate.
UVB blue light is high energy light (see chart)* similar to UV light; the former being high particulate matter made of O2 & N2.

Johns Hopkins states only UVB radiation now “binds” to our DNA; affected the most are: Kids, Seniors, LASIK recipients, women more than men, athletes and those wearing dark UV Sunglasses.
Is Obamacare Vision Loss, the #2 Health Expenditure a collective reason for the latter? Is America wearing the wrong Sunglasses.

Health Costs

Vision Loss drains an enormous financial on the Health Care System. It is the highest Health cost of any disease category–greater than Diabetes, all Cancers combined and Cardiovascular disease Vision Loss cost Americans $150 billion every year and $40 billion of which results from lost productivity from unemployment and underemployment.
Everyone bears these Health Costs.

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