Does the AMA (American Medical Association) really pull the strings on IOL Intraocular Lens Implants with the new ” blue-blocker” tint; an extra cost to Seniors?

Does the FDA really care or… is it all a typical $$$ money marketing play to the Eye surgeons and Pharmaceuticals and their bottom line?

Would Al Gore, ever imagine his own parents, if alive, will be a recipient of a UVB “blue-blocker” cataract IOL.

Would Moms be concerned if UVB radiation from Video Games, Laptops and IPhones affected… the children’s Eyes and, sleep rhytm called… Sleep Apnea?

Well moms, this just in, the same UVB affecting the kids, now affect seniors the same way and…PUPPIES Eyes.

Already taking collective preventative measures of this harmful UVB is the AU and New Zealand Elementary School System implementing compulsory wearing of Sunglasses and wide brimmed Hats at all outdoor recesses.

Incidentally, UVB “blue-blocker” Lenses are available in Sunglasses for children; our UVB Sun Mask, protects… Kids/Puppies.

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