Puppy/Mask……10 Yr old/Mask…..Toddler/Mask (age 2-4)

Summer is now in full swing with todays Climate Change…. UVB not to let up anytime soon. We are proud to announce this *special Sun Mask now fits all 3 family members (as above picks).

As mentioned in previous blogs on this site; Climate Change UVB blue-light is every where. Our UVB Photochromic Orange Lens is so special, we are the only World supplier. The other Lenses featured are Brown Grey and Green photochromics all ‘protection.’ UVB.

Moms can today choose SPF Skin…. UVB ‘protection’ for Toddler from Coppertone USA a new Formula unlike their 1980’s UV creams.

Finally, Teens have a saying…. “What the Puppy wears, we want it too.”

*Adult Mask soon available

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