Protect your Family today

The Summer of 2018 and CopperTone USA, has broken the UV Skin “SPF” Mold; emerging with a new Formula for today’s UVB not UV. See why in our earlier blogs (UV vs. UVB) Climate Change. @coppertoneusa their UVB Skin protection has quickly been copied by other Pharmaceuticals and No Name brand SPF UVB creams..

Why has CopperTone marketing shifted from a 1980’s UV Formula to today’s Climate Change …UVB protection
UV protects our Skin, but not our Eyes.

Our timely ‘UVB’ product for Infants(2-4 years) as well as PUPPIES (who have the same Eyes as us) is dovetailing CopperTone Inc.

Don’t wait another 38 years from 1980…protect your Family today.

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