In previous blogs, two Doctors, one a Canadian Naturopathy doctor, the other a UK research Ophthalmologist concurred that the WHO has determined todays Climate Change UVB “binds” to our Retinas.

Since our best friends (Puppies) have the same Eyes as us… Veterinarian Dr. Carmen Colitz states….” the retina cells of Dogs are very susceptible to oxidative stress due to high O2 (oxygen) consumption and, Sunlight exposure.

Early Cataracts are a direct result of the ” binding ” action of todays UVB. Why are our best friends developing early cataracts?

Without having to spend a Vets preliminary fee, to see if your Dog has early Cataracts, Dr. Colitz suggests you can perform your own examination visually:

1. Do the Eyes look shiny, clear and dark
2. The “white ” part should be …pinkish white
3. All white, indicates anemia
4. Yellow indicates liver problem
5. Red indicates fever or poisoning
6. Murky sclera shows infection in the eye
7. Blood in the eye…. go immediately to the Vet

Beta carotene and carrots; absolutely for them. As well as

Blueberries. Eggs
Tomatoes. Broccoli
Kale. Cold water Fish

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