Melting permafrost

Melting permafrost

POPE FRANCIS is visiting the state of Pennsylvania in September, attending a meeting concerning CLIMATE CHANGE. Why? Does his Eminence know something UN Secretary Ban ki Moon doesn’t. Has the Pope ventured to the Arctic to see and feel for himself the “melting permafrost.” Scientists worldwide concur this melting is releasing Tons of Carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to the heating of our Oceans and Atmosphere. Recall Ban ki Moon’s warning “a 2° rise” in our atmosphere and it will be disastrous to our world.

The Catholic Pontiff, is clearly not a Scientist, Oceanographer or Biologist. He, however, knows the Bible; and in it He has found: “Those Who destroy Gods Earth” ….they shall also perish. MARK: Revelations

Could He be targeting:
Fossil Fuel Oligarchs, Economists and Politicians.

Are you religious… some are… Obama, Rockefeller FDN, Elon Musk, First Nations everywhere.

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