Kids and their Video games

Kids and their Video games

Kids and their Video games/Smartphones are once again in the Health research news.
From our October blog last year….”Kids who fall asleep with their favorite LED video games after 6 hours/day viewing them…. now new research elevates this usage to double; 11 plus hours/day!

What are the effects of this increased usage?
Cognitive function and memory loss remain, while Sleep Apnea is real time dysfunctional. Sleep deprivation affects the whole body function and repair. Brain cell rejuvenation does not happen; the reverse occurs resulting in the loss of “deep thinking” ability.

Researcher, J. Carroll and the AMA last year reported the link between sleep deprivation and Melatonin depletion. At 11 hours/day, are we becoming a society of “zombies”.
What we as parents do; the kids follow.

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