Google glass

Google glass

Seniors; you have no worry about the new Google Glass, Google is attempting to market . Why? It’s just too cool for you. But you Boomers, think about a few threads of common sense.

With all the Electronic devices on the market (Tabs, Pads, IPhones, Laps, etc.) researchers for the American Medical Association have come up with some new findings. J. Carroll/AMA has stated these devices collectively emit enough LED ‘blue light’ to cause drowziness and Sleep Apnea. The body’s melatonin is depleted as a result of this ‘blue light’. Strapping on a Google Glass is an accident waiting to happen. Why??

* Eyeglass wearers with high myopic Rx’s will suffer image replacement when their line-of-sight shifts outward

* Early Bifocal/Progressive wears will not adapt

* Persons with Amblyopic squints where one Eye deviates outward or inward involuntarily will not adapt

* Melatonin depletion has surprising effects on the convergence/divergence of the eyes

Inspite there is Prevention of ‘blue light’ effects on this web site…is this Glass what we really need.

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