Frogs and Climate Change

Frogs and Climate Change

What do Frogs; amphibians on Earth for millions of years, have in common with today’s Climate Change….extinction.

Frogs are the very first warning of Climate changes Why? Their body and habitat is very sensitive to Ozone UVB. Diseases quickly set in and today`s 120 Austrailia`s species have seen 1/4 of those extinct.

Specifically, in Queensland’AU, the remaining species require crystal, clear clean water in order to lay their eggs. In addition, they are laid under rocks, away from Sunshine. If their environment is not a pristine rainforest they have greater chances for extinction.

The Australian and New Zealand Elementary School system has recently mandated all children wear Sunglasses and wide brimmed hats during daily outdoor recess breaks due to the ozone UVB threat.

Outback Adventures. January 2017

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