Dogs cancer and cataracts

Dogs cancer and cataracts

Do dogs develop Altzheimers… yes.
Do they develop Cancer… most definately.
Do they develop early Cataracts… yes.

The most feared is Cancer in your best friend. The most surprising is… early Cataracts.

Cancer toxins and Ozone UVB is everywhere. The toxins they sniff, drink and consume all add up. Think of all the lawn pesticides… the air pollution… water contamination and the many aromatic hydrocarbons in flea products, radiation, arsenic and asbestos in our homes. Are we suffocating them?

Since many breeds have predisposed genetics to Cancer such as Retrievers, Boxers and Labs… viruses attack all breeds.

The virus attacks a dogs immune system at any age. Ozone UVB affects young pups today more than in the 1980’s.
Vacines for dogs. Vaccination overuse is a bad thing for them. Todays vaccines cause medical problems with us humans since the virus is… too strong or uncommon.

Aging is a given. Weakened immunity is a precursor to Cancer as well as… “early Cataracts”. We sit and wait until the best friend gets older and simply say “they will develop Cataracts as they get older”. Wrong!

Just as air pollution, and radiation is present everywhere, so is Ozone UVB radiation. Their little eyes are right next to it at… ground zero. They actually get a “double” dose of UVB radiation due to the structure of their retina and, their pupils are fixed to accept radiation unlike ours which… are variable apertures.

There is prevention for… early Cataracts but less for cancer. See why in this web site.

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