Does the puppy see or smell first

Does the puppy see or smell first

Alexandra, a behavioral scientist said it very well…”dogs see past us.” In that, what do they really see she asks. First, the nose points the way and then detects the smell simutaneously. The eyes see the direction it emanates.

Does the Puppy see color the way in which we see color. Place us both in a room with only one color entering the room (orange). We view the color of our skin as pale.We see the vase in the corner as blue; the curtains white. Does the pup view everything as orange?

Your Pet sees the day in a “cadence” of events, oblivious to colors. Their color cones in the Retina are so dispersed… is it concerning to them or just the movement? In contrast to sight/movement their primary activity is a series of moments;an hour, a minute, day or month and the freshness or decay of the object.

Walking the Puppy it’s nose and tail are in continuous sync. Again, do the eyes really matter. Question: Does the UVB radiation at ground zero matter or is it just absorbed without notice of the damage it will do to the Retina?

In conclusion, it would be responsible of us to give our best Friend a little insurance with Sunglass UVB protection when—we wear Sunglass protection.

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