Blue light, blue violet filter, UVB

Blue light, blue violet filter, UVB

Said another way… they are all the same; just different ways of saying O2,N2 radiation or Ozone, Ultra Blue light. This Blue light is the more intense ray that bombards our Eyes (and the Puppy’s) today.

UVB (Ultra Blue Light) comes to us in several ways:
Your Smartphone
The Tablet
An e-Reader
Our Halogen Car Lights
His Laptop
Her PC
His Video Game
Screen the Google Glass
The House’s Fluorescent Lights

Blue Light(UVB) is virtually everywhere and-in-your-face. These are our modern tools, making our lives quicker,convenient and… dangerous.

Who is at risk… all of the above, some more than others:

Your Heart surgeon; how may hours per day are they infront of any Blue light device (plus the OR).
Your Air Controller; how many hours are they infront of any Blue light device.
Your Transport 18 Wheeler Truck driver; how may hours driving,texting & video games.
Your Computer Room at school; how many hours do you spend there and before bedtime (16 hours).
Your MRI, X-Ray Technician; how many hours testing.
Your Techie; who made your Electronic device.

The question: is there Cancer of the Eyes… you decide.

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