What is “blue light”

What is “blue light”

What is “blue light”

It’s the kids LED video game
It’s dads iPhone, tablet, e-reader
It’s grandfathers new post Cataracts—IOL Implants
and…it’s your pet dog’s worse enemy—UVB “blue light”

Why Pets(dogs) have the same optical system like us
They have absolutely no protection from todays “blue light” and with todays larger Ozone hole, it’s the UVB rays, not UV rays that are giving them unprecedented early Cataracts. Some breeds and sizes develop the latter as early as 3 years old  (our photoreceptors, the rods & cones are not present at birth but will develop later). If the Pup is obese and sedimentary, early diabetes and cataracts are a given.

Kids who fall asleep with their favorite LED video games suffer from Sleep Apnea and Vision fatigue. When they use any Electronic device more than 6 hours/day their Melatonin(regulates mood, cognitive function and memory) during the night affects their sleep cycle called the circadian rhythm. Kids will follow their parents’ habits and addiction with these devices and yet are short of recommending —protection.

The grandparents have now an option to anti-blue light IOL Implants with blue blocking properties, which, can wear OFF with the tear chemistry.

UVB Photochromic Sunglasses that act to block the “blue violet light” is the ultimate protection. Other solutions are Nikon Rx blue blocking coated lenses. Any coated lens runs the risk of wearing OFF.
UVB Photochromics are —laminates.


UVB Photochromic Lenses are FDA approved
They meet US ANSI Z80.3 standards as well as European EN 1836
* available in non-prescription and most single vision prescription index 1.56


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