Artificial “blue light”

Artificial “blue light”

Artificial ‘blue light’ and your I-Phone is the number one computer-related complaint in North America. Why?

Simply, our Eyes natural filters, the Cornea, Crystalline lens, Vitreous & Aqueous fluids… block only UV light. UVB ‘blue light’ is not blocked.

Blue light wavelengths range from 380-500 nonmeters. I-Phones, Laptops, Video games are all in this category. Children using any of the latter more than 11 hours per day according to the Harvard Medical School, say that at night this artificial ‘blue light’ disrupts the body’s biological clock-the circadian rhythm (Sleep Apnea). Especially at night this light depletes melatonin which, regulates mood, cognitive function and memory. Children especially (and Dogs) allow in six times as much radiation blue light as adult eyes.

Ozone ‘blue light’ wavelength at 465-495 nanometers is not protected naturally,and questionable by many inexpensive ‘dark Sunglasses’ on the market.

The new Climate Change blue light (UVB) is now associated with… early Cataracts and Retinal AMD damage according to Dr. Francine Behar-Cohen (French Institute of Health and Medical Research).

The good news… there is protection from all Electronic devices emitting artificial ‘blue light’ and UVB Photochromic Sunglasses for Ozone UVB.

*Dogs have the same optical system as us and unfortunately suffer the same anomalies today. Talk to your Vet.

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