A minor Baby Show success at the Toronto International Center

A minor Baby Show success at the Toronto International Center last weekend. But, a huge discovery prevailed with almost all new Moms….” I didn’t realise my Stroller Cover is only UV protected and the real threat today is Climate Change UVB blue light which is everywhere in the home not to mention the outdoor UVB!”
Many Moms frowned saying…” have invested over $1300. in this new Stroller; a hard sell for me to dish out another $300. for your UVB Product.”

My game plan at the Show, was not to sell… rather better to “Educate” Moms & Dads. Having shown them the sample Prototype and, wearing it on their Toddler demonstrating its softness, flexibility and overall UVB protection (unlike the thin plastic Stroller Cover, 1 micron thin) they next were directed to my web site for Videos and FAQ’s as well as a half price incentive on my… GoFundMe.com/petuvbsunmask Campaign link.
This was their self education, relaxing at home with friends and relatives all joining in the “discussion.”

The hits on my web stats were impressive, which, tells me referrals and curiosity prevailed over the next few days.

Finally, our Sun Mask ‘protects PUPPY’ also because they have the same Eyes and anomalies as us and… what the Puppy wears, the Kids want it too!

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