A Puppy in the Penthouse

A Puppy in the Penthouse

Don’t look now, but pick any urban city and see Condos and Puppies coming and going.
In some cities, Condo dwellings have more than 25% Puppy occupany. Why? One reason are Parks. In Manhatten, NY, 40 new Parks have been built in the past few years. Condo lovers use the convenience of the soft carpeted grasses the Parks provide for the furry Friend.

Are the latter taken anywhere when their owners leave for work etc…. of course… they’re so small and fitting in a purse is nomproblem at all.

Is the 25% occupancy a Trend?
Small Unit size and the small breed is a good match. Celebrities and the mobile professional revel in-a-go-anywhere with their Puppy.

The small breed in contrast to a large breed, unfortunately are more needy; experience more sick days (a typical UK owner spends 3 months sick leave caring for their pets) and, suffer claustrophoia syndrome. Furthermore, sedimentary, obesity, diabetes and Vision loss afflict these Condo puppies.

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