You most likely didn’t realize that the Pet Mask also fits a 2 year old INFANT?
…therefore The Baby Time Infant show in Toronto’s International Center.
So many new families have Pets and new borns!

Pets – Mask + Lenses
( Life) ( 2 years)
INFANT – Complete
( 3 years)
Kids – Complete
( 3 years)

Pet Sun Mask and Kids Mask taking Pre-orders now ($299 US).
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Why do dogs need UVB protection?

Today’s Climate Change UVB is so different than in the 1980’s. With the puppy’s little nose near the ground zero, they receive “twice” the radiation into their eyes! We wear Sunglasses with today’s questionable UVB protection… the puppy can now wear even superior UVB protection… UVB Photochromics. Because the human Eye and the puppy Eye are anatomically the same and we both develop Cataracts; UVB now gives them “early cataracts” as young as age 6.

What our Owners are saying…

When I put the dog collar on him…

When I put the dog collar on him for the fist time;his look was simply let’s go. The same reaction when placing the Mask…let’s do this.

Never ever thought…

Never ever thought she needed the same protection from UVB; most of us don’t know they have the same eyes as us.

When we are in park…

The other dogs don’t flinch (as what’s different about Sammy)… just go about the standard sniffing you know where!


How cute, adorable, fun! and… why not; I wear Sunglasses… now we’re a matching cool family both with UVB protection.

Kids can wear same Sun Mask as PUPPY


Children up to the age 10 and puppies age 2 have very thin lenses in-the-Eye. It is then both are highly susceptible to the harmful new UVB radiation. After age 10 and 2(Puppies) their lenses thicken for some UV protection but not_UVB protection.
Dogs and humans do not have the natural filters in the eye in order to block UVB blue light; only UV.. It is this blue light that is toxic to the eye’s lens, thus leading to Retinal cell death and early Cataracts.

The puppy’s nose, so low to the ground, and the ground acting as a mirror, the reflected UVB radiation enters right into the eye… this is when they need UVB Photochromics the most.

Puppy cataracts will form more early than humans and can lead to more serious ocular anomalies if not removed (Diabetes, Glaucoma and AMD).
Dog depression and mood changes result from the UVB blue light depleting their melatonin (Sleep Apnea, Obesity, General fatigue). Kids suffer the same from their Electronic devices.

…why not your Puppy

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(say NO to Cataract surgery @ $4,000)